The Visionary Leader Network is dedicated to reshaping the narrative around authentic leadership, inclusion and innovation.

I founded The Visionary Leader Network as an extension of the deep work my team and I have accomplished with leaders in the private and corporate sector to help them to achieve more inspired places to work and live. My team and I created The Visionary Leader Network to provide corporate, entrepreneurial, and world-changing leaders with exclusive interviews, curated expertise, and customized training to achieve extraordinary breakthroughs in their business and life.


The Visionary Leader Network’s original episodes feature the insights from top company leaders from around the country such as Microsoft, Toyota, Verizon, and Hallmark. OppenheimerFunds, Black Enterprise, Hispana Global, SheKnowsMedia, C-Suite Network, as well as the Mayor of Baltimore. The VLNetwork interview guests feature a combined following of 2.3 million+.

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(Multiculturalism) is what’s going to define our success or failure as a country & as companies. The visionary Leader Network’ philosophy is going to carry the companies that it helps a very long way.

Carol Evans, President Emiritus, Working Mother Media

The Visionary Leader Network will help exceptional leaders to make exceptional breakthroughs in their business & life.

Jeffrey Hayzlett, Founder of C-Suite Network

I am so grateful for The Visionary Leader Network which brings to light. what is required to lift up our leadership and our communities to create better companies and a better nation for all of us

Joset Wright-Lacey, President, NMSDC

The Visionary Leader Network provides opportunities for businesses, the community , and the nation as whole to hear about important strategies and ideas leading us forward to the future.

George Ehrgott. Strategic Sourcing, Communications Test Design Inc.

I would like to thank The Visionary Leader Network for providing insights and best practices for inclusion that will help companies re-think how they approach inclusion. They also enable inclusion to become a fabric of how companies do business. The Visionary Leader Network also helps companies’ work forces to flourish and, in the process, to contribute to their companies’ key strategic goals.

Adrienne C. Trimble, Diversity and Inclusiont, Toyota.

The Visionary Leader Network helps people to learn and understand new practices necessary to be a leader in the space of inclusion by helping them attain the passion, courage, and energy necessary in the space of unclusion and innovation.

Farryn Melton, Senior VP, Bristol-Myers Squibb Company

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